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13.04.14 Back up for a little while, may transfer shops.  Aiming to clear stock and possibly think about getting back into modding.


21.10.12 - Have had a big backlog of work, orders should be fulfilled by the end of Oct, apologies for the huge delays.


02.05.12 - Had a few things to do outside of the site and have fallen a little behind with orders, apologies for any delay this causes, all orders should be sorted in 10 days.


28.12.11 - Had a wicked Christmas, hope you've all had a nice holiday too! As it's the holidays I'm a little busy  with orders an family but as it's not term time I'm not so constricted by work, so feel free to get in contact and I should hopefully be able to get back fairly quickly.


14.06.11 - Back home continuing with orders. Will not be available to respond to emails as I will be away on the following days this month: 16th, 18th, 19th (evening), 20th, 25th, 26th evening. I may be travelling around Italy for 2 weeks at some point, will update as soon as I know.


10.06.11 - Google checkout is working fine. I will be out festivalling over the next 4 days so I most likely won't be available for emails etc will be back on Tuesday so hold tight! All current orders will be finished and in the post tomorrow morning. Orders placed in the next 4 days won't get processed until at least Tuesday.


20.04.11 - Google checkout issue with "Cart delivered with errors" has been fixed. However for some reason google checkout is not processing orders made through the site properly. So for the moment I can accepted orders through email and email an invoice through google checkout but site integration has fudged itself.


19.04.11 - Paypal as payment option is currently off. Accepting payments using google checkout, website and google integration should be complete and orders should be going through successfully now. 


16.04.11 - Backlog over


05.11.10 - Am out of the country for the next 2-4 days should have email access but might not.


22.08.10 - Am back in the country now, had a fantastic time, jetlagged and catching up. If you've not had a response to an email don't fret, I will get around to you.

Hi, just to say I will be away from the 2nd - 18th August and therefore any orders placed within this time will not get built or posted out until then. Hopefully I will have net access, however I may not.




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